Healthy Meal Plans for healthy living

The Challenge

It is really hard to lose weight, gain muscle strength and have enough energy left to finish the entire day. Most people have work or other responsibilities and when they start with diets, it really becomes too much of an effort for most people. With most diets people lose energy, they become more hungry than ever before, or with some diets it just feels to hard to eat the correct food and people end up giving up on the diet.

The Solution

With Healthy Meal Plans we sort out all of those problems. You will lose weight, gain muscle strength, have more energy and it will not even seem like effort. You will love it so much that will not want to stop the diet. Let’s actually stop calling it a diet, because we know that word never worked. Let’s call it the most amazing healthy lifestyle you ever tried!

Benefits of Healthy Meal Plans

Lose Weight

Weight is actually just a number on the scale. Let’s be honest. You want to look excellent! With this lifestyle you will look excellent weather your a male or female!

Strengthen Muscles

Stronger muscles can have benefits for both men and Woman as the stronger your muscles are, the faster you lose that unwanted fat to look at your best.

Improves Skin

Again weather you already have good looking skin, or if you are struggling with your skin. This will help you to have even better Natural looking skin.

More Energy

Big thing when it comes to diets. People complain about energy. The lifestyle you will learn below will give you consistant energy every day without crashing.

Better Concentration

We all need to concentrate on something every day. And eventually our brains get tired. With this lifestyle you will not lose focus and your brain will be able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Live Longer

Why do you want to die early? Enjoy your life! There are so many things in this world that everyone of us has not done, experienced or enjoyd yet. Live as long as you can to enjoy life to the fullest with this lifestyle.

Combats Diseases

Just to be clear. This does not mean heal every disease. But it does help you to combat most diseases and stay more healthy. It is nice to say, “I don’t easily get sick” instead of saying “I wish I could stop getting sick”

Improves Mood

We all have our days that we experience all kinds of different emotions. And some of those emotions are not always the most joyfull feelings. Eating correctly really helps to improve your mood and enjoy life even in those hard times.

What results can you expect from Healthy Meal Plans?

It is very clear weight gain, weight loss and having a perfect well being are some of the challenges of our modern life. Those who have tried our eating plan and succeeded did so by keeping it simple, especially when it came to cutting down on calories without putting their nutritional intake or health on the line by following our eating plan.

Please consult with a physician before undertaking any changes in diet. Any person with heart, liver or kidney disorders, or who is under current medical treatment, should always be urged to seek the advice of a physician before changing their diet.

“The Healthy Meal Plan includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, individual results will vary.”

Questions about the eating plan

What are the instructions for the eating plan?
  • Drink 0.033 Liters of water per Killogram of weight (For example if you weigh 65Kg you will multiply 65KG by 0.033 for the total of 2.145 Liters of water per day)
  • Drink water with every meal (Helps to abosorb nutrients in food)
  • Use our eating recipes
  • Don’t consume to much salt, but salt is needed for the body 1 to 3 years – 2g of salt a day (0.8g sodium) 4 to 6 years – 3g of salt a day (1.2g sodium) 7 to 10 years – 5g of salt a day (2g sodium) 11 years and over – 6g of salt a day (2.4g sodium) (This is only a recommendation and should be modified if a doctor or dietitian specifies otherwise)
  • Eat 3 – 7 times a day (Eat smaller meals but more times a day to increase metabolism)
  • Don’t eat after 6pm (Eating after 6pm can result in weight gain)
  • Exercise 30 min – 60 min everyday (Recommended 60 min)
  • On salads, rather than use creamy dressings go for lemon juice or balsamic and olive oil.
What do I need to avoid in the eating plan?
  • Avoid Sugar
  • Avoid Starches
  • Avoid Fizzy Cool drinks
  • Avoid Fruit Juice (Contains Sugar)
  • Don’t overeat (Only eat till your full)
  • Don’t skip meals or snacks (Snacks is important to maintain blood sugar levels)
  • Don’t snack to much through the day
  • Keep snacks small
  • Avoid MSG’s
  • Avoid Sun Flour oil
  • Avoid creamy dressings (For example no mayonnaise)
What is good and allowed in the eating plan?
  • With everything below stick to recommended daily allowance. To much of anything is never good.
    • Water (0.033 Liters of water per Kilogram of weight)
    • Vitamins (See tab on recommended daily allowance)
    • Protein (1 Gram of protein per Kilogram of weight for weight loss, 2 Grams of protein per Kilogram of weight for Muscle gain)
    • Fat (Plant fats are best for example avocado, this provides energy and NO plant fats will NOT make you fat, sugar and starches will make you fat)
    • Coconut oil or olive oil for cooking instead of sun flour oil (Coconut oil is even better tan olive oil)
What is the recommended daily allowance for all vitamins and minarals?
  • Biotin (B-complex) 30µg
  • Folate (B-complex) 400µg
  • Vitamin A 600µg
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin) 1.4mg
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 1.6mg
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) 18mg
  • Vitamin B5 (patothenic acid) 6mg
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 2mg
  • Vitamin B12 (cobalamine) 6µg
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 75mg
  • Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) 5µg
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol) 10mg
  • Vitamin K 80µg
  • Boron <20mg
  • Calcium 1000mg
  • Chlorine (in chloride form) 3400mg
  • Chromium 120µg
  • Copper 2mg
  • Fluorine 3.5mg
  • Iodine 150µg
  • Iron 15mg
  • Magnesium 350mg
  • Manganese 5mg
  • Molybdenum 75µg
  • Magnesium 350mg
  • Manganese 5mg
  • Molybdenum 75µg
  • Nickel <1mg
  • Phosphorus 1000mg
  • Potassium 3500mg
  • Selenium 35µg
  • Sodium 2400mg
  • Vanadium <1.8mg
  • Zinc 15mg

How to follow Healthy Meal Plans

On Waking Up

After waking up and starting with our eating plan, eat one of our breakfast recipes. It boosts the energy needed throughout the day, as well as provide the body with enough nutrients and Protein for the muscles to start the day. For people that struggle to eat in the morning we recommend to drink one of our liquidized recipes. Consuming something in the morning is very important as it will help with the bodies metabolism, fat burning, muscle strength, energy, overall health and so much more. Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. Drinking a glass of water with your breakfast will also help your body to absorb the nutrients better.

10 Am Snack

Choose one fruit and one protein at every snack time, which should always be eaten together. Never eat fruit without protein. Don’t over eat on fruit as it does contain sugar (luckily a natural source of sugar, but sugar still stays sugar). See our list fruits and protein that can be eaten together or choose one of our snack recipes.

12 – 1 pm Lunch

At lunch time, one of our Lunch Recipes. If time is an issue either prepare the lunch the previous day / night or eat a fruit with a protein. Eating the lunch recipe is healthier than the Fruit & Protein, but eating a fruit & Protein is healthier than eating nothing. This can be enjoyed by 10am or at lunch time daily.

3 – 4pm Mid Afternoon Healthy Snack

Enjoy another snack from our snack recipe list or a fruit & protein, to complete the last part of the day. Avoid consuming any caffeine after 4pm as it may cause you to be up all night.

Healthy Dinner (Before 6pm)

Another important part of our eating plan is dinner. Eating your dinner normally is important and you should include as much vegetables as you can. This can be grilled, cooked, steamed vegetables or a salad. If you go with a Chicken breast remember 200g are equal to 25g Protein. You can also try meat such as a palm size of Ostrich Steak with zero fat, which is equal to 27-30g protein. You can also try a Tin of Tuna or Tuna salad which is about 28g of protein, 200g Salmon that is 25g protein or something else you are able to make. You can also go with an omelette of 3 egg whites and 1 yellow for 15g protein. It is quite important to avoid overeating during dinner by remaining full and not blown up. This is because you are about to retire for the night, which means working out to burn the calories you have eaten will not be done again until tomorrow. Most importantly, avoid sleeping hungry as you manage your intake of food. If you have no idea what to make have a look at our Dinner Recipes.

The Importance of protein powder

As much as you can, try to ensure Protein has found its way in you diet. This is because if you get the recommended intake of protein daily you will be burning a lot more calories than ever before. Protein helps in weight loss as well as muscle gain and ensures you have an overall good health throughout and lose of weight is done in a sustainable manner that does not erode the good results.

Remember you need 1-2 gram protein per kg of weight that you weigh per day for maximum and effective results.

Print the snack list

It is important to print our snack list and keep it close by where you can use it fast everyday such as on your fridge. Also make copies and take one to your desk at work to keep reminding yourself about the things you should eat and when to eat. Do not forget to organize yourself and have different snacks around to interchange from time to time. Nonetheless avoid cracker breads and provita’s. It is of paramount importance to include fruit and protein in your snacks at the same time. Having a fruit is not enough; it can make you to start feeling very tired as the sugar levels dip. To stabilize, protein is very important and maintaining the Protein-Carbohydrates Ratio is of utmost importance. Drinking enough water is also non negotiable. This is because water has a way of speeding up the weight loss process, flushing out toxins and suppressing hunger. In case enough water is not drunk the body begins recycling the colon water, affecting your body badly. With these tips you should be able to make the best use of our Eating Plan

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