Perfect Abs in Five Moves

Lots of fitness experts insist that to be fit isn’t just about flat abs, but this hasn’t changed the fact that a flat, well toned stomach is one of the most obvious markers of a body that is fit. Whether the goal is a six-pack or small waist, the tummy is always a workout goal and focus for many people. The stomach also stands out as the most famous problem area when it comes to weight reduction. However, many have wondered whether washboard abs are a better indicator of a perfect health and whether the best moves are being performed in toning it up.

Fitness experts have explained that everyone’s core goes beyond the six-pack muscles. A six-pack only indicates that your body fat level is low. For abs to be revealed, it’s important for fat to be burned, muscles strengthened and the entire core worked on. Also important is good nutrition. As the muscles below are strengthened, stability and posture are also enhanced. This comes in handy during exercises by helping to avoid injury.


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Six-pack in five moves

Every human has six-pack muscles although a huge percentage of people have these muscles hidden by layers of fat beneath the abdomen. As you work on the entire core, the muscles become more defined and bigger.

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Strong and stable

Start with holding exercises, including side twists or side bends like side planks; they are very critical on the quadrates lumborum (stabilising muscle deep in the core connecting the lower and upper body and critical for both stability and deep breathing).

Work on the waist

To slim your waist you must work on the external and internal obliques. Obliques refer to the waist side muscles used for lateral movements and stability. Ideal exercises to help with sculpting your waist include side twists and side bends in bicycle abs crunches.

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Suck belly and hold

The transverse abdominals is also known as the flat stomach muscle and is located around the area of the spine and the rear of the obliques both for stability and protection. To tone this muscle is vey easy; just suck the belly in and hold. One of those exercises easy to do any time, anywhere without excuses.

Sculpting lower abs

In Pilates there is the raising of legs while lying down, exercises considered highly critical in working the lower abs. These exercises particularly work on the psoas major, the hip flexor muscles and the deepest of all core muscles.

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Sit ups and toning

The rectus abdominals or the most famous of the six-pack muscles run vertically all the way to the pubic bone from the frontal part of the rib cage.  Sculpting these muscles require the body to move forward in a way that the ribcage moves in the direction of the thighs. Such exercises as crunches and sit ups are perfect and have a direct effect on the rectus abdominals.  

The important thing is that the mentioned abs exercises do not require a lot of room or lots of preparation to do them.

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