Advanced Weight Loss Program – Lose Fat – Herbalife

Weight management will never be the same again with this Advanced Weight Loss Program containing 1x F1 Nutritional Shake Mix,1x Herbal Aloe Concentrate, 1x Cell Activator, 1x Multifibre drink and 1x Multivitamin. You also have the freedom to choose any available flavour with the combo, for Herbal aloe concentrate flavour and Formula 1 shake flavour.



Advanced Weight Loss Program – Herbalife

F1 Nutritional Shake Mix

Provides you with ever required mineral and nutrition needed, keeps stomach fuller for a longer time and packs very fewer calories. This is the core product in the Advanced Weight Loss Program.

Cell activator

An essential part of daily nutrition, the B vitamins found Cell Activator will aid in the conversion of food into energy to make sure that you stay energized and concentrating. Thus aiding in a healthy, active lifestyle.

Multifibre drink

The most delicious and convenient way to ensure you achieve your daily fibre intake, Multifibre Drink provides fibre in a drinkable liquid form that you can drink with water or even combine with your Formula 1 shake mix.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Weight reduction is increased by 40 percent and ensures you drink lots of extra water, in turn flushing nasty things out of your system. The body remains very clean.

Additional information

Shake Flavour

Vanilla (0141), Strawberry (0143), Cookies & Cream (0146), Tropical Fruit (0144), Toffee Apple And Cinnamon (2790), Chocolate (0142), Lactose, Gluten, Soy Free (Vanilla) (3118), Choc Mint (2789), Raspberry and Blueberry (2100)

Aloe Drink Flavour

Original (0006), Mango (1065)


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