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The energy drink with few calories every fitness-minded individual requires, LiftOff is the way to immense energy in the healthiest way. If you have alertness and concentration issues, LiftOff will improve them as you enjoy a tasty lemon lime blast or orange flavour to discover why it is healthier than many energy drinks out there.



This Energy Drink – LiftOff is better than the rest. – Herbalife

Key Benefits

  • LiftOff is an energy drink with fewer calories and hardly leads to a gain in weight
  • Each serving only has about 9 calories
  • Provides extra energy amidst having guarana caffeine and powdered caffeine to ensure one remains fully focused and alert
  • Has 100 percent C and B vitamins required daily
  • B vitamins ensure the body has released the needed energy from eaten foods
  • Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, ensures the body remains healthy and does not end up sick
  • Product has caffeine at 72 mg for every service, about two caffeinated types of soft drinks or 1 to 2 cups of coffee


  • About 250 millilitres of water with one tablet any time during the day will give the body high energy immediately.
  • LiftOff energy drink is great if you feel tired, engaging in hard training or about to party all night.

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