Formula 1 Express Bar – Energy Bar – Herbalife

Nutrionally balanced and tasty meal in a convenient and portable bar. Available in two flavours, chocolate and berry.
Enjoy Herbalife Healthy Meal Bar every day as a healthy meal option.


The Formula 1 Express Bar – Energy Bar and how it can help you. – Herbalife

When you are out and about, you don’t have to miss another healthy meal. The convinient and portable F1 Express and energy bar provides you with the essential nutrients needed for a healthy meal* on the go.
Key Benefits
Only 207 calories per bar High in fibre and soy protein for sustained energy levels and to help keep you feeling fuller for longer Low glycemix index (GI) Suitable for vegetarians

-Delicious way of enjoying a tasty yet nutritious snack time whenever you need it

-Comes with 21 critical minerals and vitamins plus a host of additional essential nutrients

-Best way of expanding your food options and remaining healthy on the go

-Contains fibre to support healthy weight management

-Wrapped well to help you take it wherever you are going

-Enhances fibre and protein balance critical in satisfying hunger at the same time ensuring you have a source of lasting energy

-Best for substituting with a meal at least once everyday for the best in nutrition

-This Energy bar helps To boost your weight loss chances, replace the product with two meals per day and simply consume a single nutritious meal within a weight management healthy routine

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