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Pre-workout nourishment will never be the same with Formula 1 Sport – 24. This confidence boosting formula balances minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates to give you a perfectly solid nutritional base for great performance. It is very suitable to consume.


Pre-Workout – Formula 1 Sport – 24 – Herbalife

Main Benefits Contain milk protein that boosts lean muscle mass. The Carbohydrate blend provides a sustained and rapid dose of energy while antioxidant protection is aided by Selenium and E and Vitamins amidst containing L-Glutamine. Details Professionals in sports nutrition have developed Formula 1 Sport as the perfect pre-workout meal. It is a healthy unique meal with a milk protein and specially formulate for every athlete interested in managing and controlling weight. It is balanced nutritionally with minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. It also gives a solid foundation to one’s daily diet and it is also the easiest to consume. Use 26g or two scoops Formula 1 Sport blended with milk that’s semi skimmed or 1.5 percent fat. The product needs to be used within the confines of a varied and balanced diet to boost a healthy lifestyle.

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