Tang Kuei – Herbalife

Herbalife – The health supplements for every woman that help invigorate her body. In turn, the woman will see her body functions maintained because Tang Kuei aids the body in adapting during stressful situations. It is the way to an easy life and perfect balance in any stressful environment.

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Herbalife – Tang Kuei

Key Benefits

Women who want to remain healthy will find Tang Kuei very handy since it supports their health wholeheartedly, particularly maintaining normal body functions and invigorating it by ensuring it is able to adapt well in different stressful situations.


The health supplement for women to help in invigorating their bodies.

-Dong Quai is root formulated and used extensively in the support for PMS

-Also called the Chinese angelica and hugely popular in the world of Chinese Medicine

-Known for nourishing blood

-Traditionally used in the Chinese system to deal with blood deficiency syndrome

-Best for those with such conditions as:

  • menstrual irregularity
  • lustreless or thinning dry hair
  • scaly or dry skin
  • ringing within the ears and dizziness
  • insomniacs and those who cant fall asleep easily
  • Limited flexibility caused by the tightness of the muscles or tendons


1-3 tablets daily.



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