Staying Motivated While Away From The Gym

The single best thing about being away from the gym and training at home, is exactly that, you are home! No trainer yelling at you to get through that last set, no competing with other gym members about who can lift more weights or run longer on the tredmill. Just you competing against yourself.

Staying Motivated While Away From The Gym 1

However, being home often leads to unhealthy tendencies. If you don’t stay active, you’ll find yourself staring into your fridge looking for your favourite snack, purly out of bordom. Our Eating Plan will set you on the right path to keeping that summer body you worked so hard to achieve.

What to do

If you are feeling lost and don’t really know how to exercise from home or are unsure of what exercises to do at home, contact your Herbalife Distributor, your personal trainer or make use of exercise apps that are freely available on the App Store or Google play.

Stick to your eating plan and ensure to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Snacking is not all bad, there is a selection of herbalife products that can provide a healthy alternative to your sweet tooth 

The enemy to productivity, is sloth. Kick laziness out the window and get moving!

Consult our articles if you need anymore information regarding nutrition.

Staying Motivated While Away From The Gym 2

What Not To Do

Do not forget your routine, it is part of the reason why you have achieved your goals this far. Stick to it and stay concistant.

Picking up or returning to unhealthy habits will undo your hard earned progress. be very careful of this.

Don’t assume you will be able to pick up where you left off when you finally do go back to the gym.

Do not forget why you started your path to wellness. Keep it in mind.

Staying Motivated While Away From The Gym 3

Don’t know what exercises to do at home? Follow us on Facebook where we post regular home exercises you can do anywhere. The best way to get started is to get started.

“The best way to reach your goals, is to start”

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