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The Key to an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Anyone can achieve the best fitness goals, through a clear and easy to follow fitness routine. Nonetheless, before you start off with your fitness routine or maximise on the weight loss exercises you already have, there are four key things to the best active and healthy lifestyle.


One of the main things to an active and healthy way of life is flexibility, easily accomplished through pilates, yoga and dancing. Remember simple stretches can also make a significant difference. Spending between 10 and 15 minutes everyday focusing on stretching is also a very good idea.  Together with flexibility workouts, you can be sure of stress relief. If you ever engage in higher intensity fitness exercises you will also avoid injury.

Prior to exercising, engage in dynamic stretches characterised by gentle movements that keep muscles warmed up to prepare for workout. You can circle arms, swing the legs while engaging in smooth back and forward bends. Once you are through with exercises, spend at least 10 minutes to loosen every tight muscle, ease soreness of the muscles and enhance flexibility. You should stretch until you feel a little discomfort.

Note that for toned and lean physique seek 15 to 30 percent of your daily intake of kilojoules from protein sources. This is due to the amino acids in protein that help to repair and build muscle tissues.

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Burning kilojoules is important particularly in weight loss exercises; do this by engaging in high-intensity fitness workouts that usually demand lots of energy. This includes aerobics, interval training and running and usually fast paced actions capable of strengthening joints, muscles and bones.

High intensity workouts also push the cardiovascular system such as the lungs and the heart to work a bit harder towards offering the muscles the extra oxygen needed. In case these high impact fitness workouts are a bit hard for you, try out the elliptical, swimming or cycling for a heart pumping exercise; they are not hard on the body and easier to stick to and still enhance cardiovascular health.

Note cardiovascular workouts such as aerobic exercises require replenishing your body with a little protein and more carbohydrate after workout. Anaerobic exercise or post-strength training is better covered with an intake of protein that will motivate muscle build up.  


Apart from engaging in other exercises, it’s important for adults to engage in an average of two activities focusing on muscle strength every week. Together with a healthy nutrition, plyometric and weightlifting workouts among other strength exercises encourage development of lean muscle mass, as well as enhancing body’s resistance ability.

While strength training has no effect on targeted muscles, it has the ability of transforming virtually every area of the body, from improving bone health to enhancing bone density.  Any person with a bit of lean muscle mass usually burn extra kilojoules; even at rest the body is in need of more energy for sustaining lean muscles. The metabolic rate of those with lean muscle is also a bit higher. A qualified and trained personal trainer will let you know the weights and strength training workouts you need to attempt.

Note after an hour of engaging in intense workouts the muscle fuel or glycogen starts being exhausted. Delay fatigue by taking in addition fuel with Rebuild Strength.

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Most of the endurance workouts are usually attempted by all kinds of athletes, particularly elite ones in a show of dedication to their training apart from being great weight loss exercises. Endurance exercises are wonderful at burning fat, relieving stress and enhancing cardiovascular fitness. Triathlons and other endurance activities usually leave the body spent; you must fuel the body with the right nutrition with protein and enough energy. Competitive sports lasting for over an hour such as soccer matches demand intensive muscular endurance. This is why most football professionals such as Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Portugal have stuck with Herbalife24 products famous for fueling athlete performance.

Note dehydration usually leaves one light headed with bouts of muscle cramps and fatigue. Remain hydrated while engaging in endurance.

Achieving the perfect active and healthy lifestyle

Performing the following relevant workouts can help you achieve the desired active and healthy fitness level you have always wanted.

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Workout 1


Includes Squats and presses, push-ups and rowing from right and left, jump lunges, a combination of biceps to triceps and X-out.

Workout 2


Includes diver bomber push ups, right and left single leg knee drive, back fly squat jacks, triceps dips and broad jump.

Workout 3


Include hack sack, summon stretch, IYT, front lunge and rotation while alternating sides and single leg hinge plus knee drive from left and then right.

Week 1


As the foundation, the first week should involve each of the three workouts in equal proportions. It means you have to engage in Workout 1, Workout 2 and Workout 3 with each of them having 3 rounds and 12 to 16 reps for every move.

Week 2


Workout 1 in the second week should involve 20 seconds for every move followed by 10 seconds of rest, 5 times reps with 60 seconds break between each of the exercises.

In Workout 2, every move should take 45 seconds followed by 45 seconds of rest before a 30 seconds workout and a rest of 30 seconds. Repeat this 3 times with a 60 second break between each exercise.

In Workout 3, each move should be performed 10 times as warm up before engaging in three unique sets. Set 1 should contain 5 times of a jog of 3 minutes and 60 minutes of running.  Set 2 should contain 5 times of a jog of 3 minutes and sprints of 30 seconds. Set 3 only requires a jog of 5 minutes.

Week 3


To build endurance, engage in the following manner. For Workout 1, set 1 has every exercise taking 60 seconds. Set 2 includes engaging in every exercise for 45 seconds followed by 6 jump lunges. 4 jump lunges and 30 seconds for every exercise should complete set 3.

Workout 2 includes 10 reps for each move followed by 8 reps, 6, 4 until you are through, all at your own speed and convenience.  Workout 3 can be completed by performing 10 reps of every move to warm up before engaging in a run or jog of 20 minutes.

Week 4


Once you have attempted the foundation, interval and endurance workouts, it’s now time to challenge yourself. In Workout 1, engage in 18 minutes of Max Round Challenge with 10 reps for every move. Workout 2 can be completed by 18 minutes of Max Round Challenge with 10 reps for every move. Workout 3 requires 10 reps of every move completed to warm-up before engaging in a run of 2 miles.

To accomplish all these workouts, select any three days in a week convenient to you and start to actively improve your fitness and health lifestyle.  

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